Equus Jet Connect including high pressure and cooling pumps

Equus Jet Connect including high pressure and cooling pumps



Equus Jet Connect allows you to works in bluetooth by configuring the equipment between them (pedal, motor …) and to use the systems directly from your Android tablet and smartphone or using wireless pedals.

By the screen management, you have access to :
– the battery level
– Real-time fluid temperature sensor
– Real-time pressure sensor

Most of the product :
– 6 levels of pressure possible
– available with Pegasos trolley fixing

Equus Jet Connect comes with :
– a lithium battery and charger
– an input crystal hose pipe with strainer and non-return valve on one side and a quick connector on the other.
– an output crystal hose pipe with quick connector on one side and quick connector with valve on other side, allowing you to change the wands without shutting off the pump thus saving you time.
– one diastema wand with a 90 ° angle
– one flushing wand

The Equus Jet Connect can have several pumps :
– High pressure pump, pressure 10 bars, flow 7l/min
– Cooling pump, pressure 2 bars, flow 450ml/min
– Peristaltic pump for the injection of sterile products, pressure 1bar, flow 700ml/min – in option


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