Equodent model Michael Nowak 90° head – Watercooling

Equodent model Michael Nowak 90° head – Watercooling



This burr with IC 300-Nakanishi head was developed for the following applications:

  • Diastema work
  • Cheek tooth segmentation
  • Tooth crown remodeling to improve the grip of the extraction forceps
  • Pre-drilling during Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Extraction

The shaft bearing is greased which makes it “waterproof” and running quiet, without vibrations.

It has an external water supply enabling watercooling during drilling. This is necessary because the temperatures of the burrs (diamond or tungsten burr) can become high and can damage the tooth.
The handpiece comes with the 10 mm water clip.

Available for HDE and Key Drive Shaft.

The Equodent is delivered with 2 dimaond burrs, a grease tube and dismounting tools (special key and multifunctional spindle holder).


  • Two different heads are available with 90° or 50° angle.
  • Two water clips are available for the 90° head:
    • 20 mm water clip is developed for the 51 mm and 64 mm Carbide Burrs
    • 35 mm water clip is developed for the 64 mm and 77 mm Carbide Burrs
  • Two water clips are available for the 50° head:
    • 15 mm water clip
    • 35 mm water clip

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