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Introduction to Endodontics & Restorative Dentistry

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Introduction to Endodontics & Restorative Dentistry
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Equine dentistry has advanced quickly over the past two decades and continues to develop at a rapid speed. It is now possible to perform endodontic and restorative treatment in the horse, which allows preservation of dentition which may have required extraction several years ago.  Development of new techniques and adaption of well-established techniques in brachydonts to hypsodont equine dentition requires advanced knowledge of anatomy and pathology in addition to development of new practical skills in this field.  This 2-day course covers the foundations required for those starting out in equine restorative and endodontic dentistry. Theory, discussion, and practical training in endodontic and restorative techniques will be given by three prominent European Equine Dental Specialists. This is an intensive course, at an advanced level requiring a detailed understanding of dental anatomy and pathology. Proficiency in general equine dental procedures is also essential to allow development of new skills in this advancing field. The panel of internationally renowned specialists will be sharing technical tips and tricks which they have accumulated over many years of working in equine dental practice and the limited number of attendees will allow opportunity for extensive interactions with the speakers.

Over the two days 6 hours of practical sessions will provide an intimate environment for attendees to build upon their practical skills. There will be great opportunity to use a variety of equipment and endodontic and restorative materials. Delegates will work alongside the experts on equine specimens in very small groups (2-3 vets per specimen) at the following stations:

  • Dental Equipment for Endodontics & Restorations
  • Pulp capping demonstration
  • Pulp capping practical
  • Infundibular restorations

In addition to the lectures and practical sessions, a valuable decision-making case-based discussion will be held allowing consolidation and clinical application of new knowledge with support and input from the specialist speakers.

The course fee includes lunches, coffee/tea breaks, extensive course notes and a certificate of attendance. Attendees can choose to only attend the lectures (= Lectures Only) on this course or can register for the entire course (= Lectures & Practical Sessions).  On the evening of the first day all attendees are also invited to attend the wine and cheese reception. Early course registration via the VetPD website is recommended as there are only a limited number of places available.

This course is suitable for RCVS Modules:          C-E.12; C-E.13; C-E.14

Les propriétaires des chevaux sont de plus en plus conscients de l’importance du suivi dentaire régulier afin de garantir le bien-être de leurs chevaux. Les pathologies dentaires sont relativement fréquentes, et un grand nombre d’interventions thérapeutiques peuvent être faites par le praticien formé sur le terrain sous sédation et analgésie loco-régionale.

Objectifs du cours :

A l’issue de la formation, l’apprenant sera capable de :
• Extraire des Incisives, canines et molaires
• Réaliser et interpréter les radiographies des dents et sinus
• Reconnaître des maladies parodontales et formuler un plan de traitement
• Réaliser une trépanation des sinus
• Réaliser un cerclage pour une fracture des insicives

Contenu :

• Techniques d’anesthésie locale et locorégionale de la tête
• Examen radiologique de la tête, sinus et dents
• Indications, instruments et techniques pour l’extraction des incisives, canines et molaires
• Indications et techniques de trépanation des sinus et sinuscopie
• Diagnostic et traitement des Maladies parodontales et diastema
• Diagnostic et traitement des caries infundibulaires
• Diagnostic et traitement des fractures des incisives

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