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Panel Discussion – Equine Developmental Dental Disorders – Diagnosis, Therapy & PPE


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VetPD Panel Discussion - Equine Developmental Dental Disorders - Diagnosis, Therapy & PPE


Equine developmental dental disorders can cause significant professional and therapeutic challenges. While some disorders are congenital, others do not present until later in life. Often the lack of definitive heritability presents additional challenges when advising the owner of the wider implications of the conditions.

This Panel Discussion features four internationally renowned equine dental experts who will carefully navigate the intricacies of this complicated group of disorders including but not limited to:

  •  Abnormal Numbers of teeth:
    • Supranumerary teeth
    • Reduced number (Anodontia/hypodontia)
  • Abnormal position of Teeth:
    • Sinus / Mandibular bone incl. dentigerous cysts
  •  Dysplastic and/or Displaced Teeth:
    • How to recognize them and do they need treating ?
  •  Oral Soft Tissue Masses:
    • Rare in horses but depending on the type they have a poor prognosis. Why ?

* Participants are encouraged to send in questions to prior to the panel discussion. There will also be the opportunity to raise questions during the discussion.

Moderator: James Carmalt MA, VetMB, MVetSc, PhD, FRCVS, DABVP, DAVDC, DACVSMR, DACVSA – The Univesity of Saskatchewan, Canada


  • Lieven Vlaminck PhD, DECVS  – Ghent University, Belgium
  • Paddy Dixon MRCVS, PhD, DECVD (Eq), Dip EVDS, FRCVS – UK
  • Brad Tanner DVM, DAVDC-EQ – Rood & Riddle, USA

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